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News and Events in the Community

​​​​  COVID-19 Information and Resources

​  Calendar of Events

  Operation Ukrainian Safe Haven​​​

Free Citizenship Classes

Are you applying for Canadian Citizenship?

Join the YMCA for our 8-week virtual Citizenship course to help prepare you
for the application process, and learn about becoming a Canadian citizen.
Virtual Classes start the week of February 14th. Spaces are limited.
Contact Suzana Tanase for more information or to register:
suzana.tanase@sm.ymca.ca | 705-241-2501
See the course flyer below:

Multilingual 9-1-1 Fact Sheet

The Tempory Foreign Worker community can often face language barriers, and may experience fear or lack of understanding on how to access public services. 

With spring upon us, we enter another season of increasing numbers of seasonal workers in Ontario while continuing to struggle with the pandemic response.

The attached 9-1-1 Fact Sheet has been prepared to inform migrant workers on how to access 911 services for ambulance response. Please, click on the 9-1-1 Fact Sheets below to access the information:

​LanguageFact Sheet #1​Fact Sheet #2
​English​Calling 911 when you need emergency health care
911_factsheet_8-5x11_EN v3 1.pdf
​What to expect when calling 911 for a health emergency
911_factsheet_8-5x11_EN v3 2.pdf
​FrenchComposer le 911 pour obtenir des soins médicaux d’urgence
911_factsheet_8-5x11_FR v3 1.pdf
À quoi s’attendre lorsqu’on compose le 911 lors d’une urgence médicale
911_factsheet_8-5x11_FR v3 2.pdf
اتصل برقم 911 عندما تحتاج إلى رعاية صحية طارئة
ما الذي يمكن توقعه عند الاتصال برقم 911 في حالة الطوارئ الصحية
Simplified Chinese
S-Chinese-911_factsheet_8-5x11 1.pdf
S-Chinese-911_factsheet_8-5x11 2.pdf
Traditional Chinese
T-Chinese-911_factsheet_8-5x11 1.pdf
T-Chinese-911_factsheet_8-5x11 2.pdf
Spanish​Llame al 911 cuando
necesite atención médica
de emergencia
Spanish_911_factsheet_8-5x11_EN v3 1.pdf
​Qué esperar cuando llama al
911 debido a una emergencia
Spanish_911_factsheet_8-5x11_EN v3 2.pdf
Filipino (Tagalog)Pagtawag sa 911 kapag kailangan
ninyo ng pang-emergency na
pangangalaga ng kalusugan
Tagalog_911_factsheet_8-5x11_EN v3 1.pdf
Ano ang dapat asahan kapag
tumawag sa 911 para sa
emergency sa kalusugan
Tagalog_911_factsheet_8-5x11_EN v3 2.pdf
Thai​โทร.911 เมื่อคุณต้องการการดูแล
THAI-911_factsheet_8-5x11 1.pdf
​สิ่งที่จะเกิดขึ้นเมื่อโทร 911 สำหรับ
THAI-911_factsheet_8-5x11 2.pdf
​Goi 911 khi quý vi  can cham sóc suc khoe khan cap
VIET-911_factsheet_8-5x11 1.pdf
​Moi viec se  dien ra nhu the  nào khi quý
vi goi 911 de thông báo mot truong hop
khan cap ve  suc khoe​
VIET-911_factsheet_8-5x11 2.pdf

South Simcoe Multi-lingual Family Support Groups

The CMHA York and South Simcoe offers multi-lingual virtual Family Support Groups. The program is designed for families who are supporting their loved ones on their mental health journeys with a safe and supportive environment free from language barriers.

For more information, please see the following posters:

Newcomers' Health and Well-Being - Arabic.pdf

Newcomers' Health and Well-Being - Chinese.pdf

Newcomers' Health and Well-Being - Farsi.pdf

Newcomers' Health and Well-Being - Tamil.pdf

Newcomers' Health and Well-Being - Russian.pdf

Brohures are also available in:

Arabic Newcomer brochure.pdf

Chinese Newcomer brochure.pdf

English Newcomer brochure.pdf

Farsi Newcomer brochure.pdf

French Newcomer brochure.pdf

Italian Newcomer brochure.pdf

Russian Newcomer brochure.pdf

Spanish Newcomer brochure.pdf

Tamil Newcomer brochure.pdf

Urdu Newcomer brochure.pdf