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Screening Immigrant Candidates


The following resource will help ensure employers are not inadvertently screening out suitable immigrant candidates.

Read this downloadable PDF to learn how to screen out bias while assessing immigrant candidates.

Validating International Credentials

Credential Evaluation Services

Immigrants often have international credentials that may not be immediately recognizable to a Canadian employer. Recruiters may skim résumés seeking the names of recognized institutions. They may also face challenges in assessments of foreign credentials. Similarly, international experience is often devalued or considered irrelevant in Canada.

Organizations that recognize the transferability of immigrants’ training and education gain a competitive advantage. By using Canadian credential assessment services like World Education Services (WES), employers can increase their familiarity and comfort level with international credentials.

If it is unclear how international qualifications compare to Canadian credentials, assessments can be based on other criteria. Candidates can:

  • Describe their years of experience in a field or job, or in performing specific tasks
  • Explain their skills or demonstrate them in practical tests
  • Demonstrate their knowledge through written examinations

For regulated occupations, state clearly the licensing or certification required by law. In some circumstances, it may be possible to hire at a lower level of responsibility and help the candidate obtain the required licensing while on the job. If so, this should be stated in the job posting.

For non-regulated occupations, consider voluntary certifications that may apply. If candidates who have a particular certification are preferred, this should be stated in the job posting.

Source: HR Council Canada

Did you know?

WES provides international academic credential evaluation services to both job candidates and businesses. For candidates and businesses, WES has a free Degree Equivalency tool which instantly provides Canadian academic equivalents. Employers can register with AccessWES, a secure online delivery platform that allows job candidates to share their credential evaluations with selected employers. 

Addressing Bias

Exposing Unconscious Bias

It is important to be aware of how personal bias can negatively impact diversity efforts.

To help you recognize unintended personal biases and move beyond cultural effect differences during the interview process, download this self-assessment tool.

Interview considerations

Interviewing Immigrant Candidates

When interviewing immigrant candidates, be consistent. The interview process, questions, and format should be the same for each candidate unless accommodations are either necessary or requested.

Consult this downloadable PDF on interviewing immigrant candidates.

Source: World Education Services

Virtual Interviews

With the rise of remote-first workplaces, virtual interviews are more common.

This downloadable PDF on cross-cultural interviewing in a virtual environment offers useful insights:

Source: World Education Services

For more information, please contact the Simcoe County Local Immigration Partnership at .