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​The utilities each household pays for monthly can vary, depending on personal requirements and the community. For example, water and wastewater services are a municipal government service and will vary in each municipality. The amount of water, heat or electricity used by a household will also depend on the number of people living there. When you are renting, depending on your lease agreement, some of the utility costs will be included in your rent, and sometimes you have to pay for them separately.

Common utility costs include:

  • Heat (gas, oil or electric)
  • Electricity
  • Water (municipal service or well and septic)
  • Telephone
  • Internet
  • Cable television

When you move into a house or an apartment, be sure to ask the landlord or the real estate lawyer about how to connect to the necessary utilities. Local settlement service agencies can also provide assistance with questions about accessing local utilities.

In some cases, financial assistance is available to people who are having difficulty dealing with their energy costs and are at risk of having their energy disconnected. Housing Resource Centres ​in Simcoe County will provide information and referrals to the appropriate community services. Click here for a list of local Housing Resource Centres in Simcoe County.