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​​There are a number of choices for accessing telephone services in Ontario, such as a home telephone, a cell (mobile) or using public telephones. Most of Simcoe County resides in the 705 area code; a portion is also in the 905 area code. These area codes cover a large portion of central and northern Ontario, so some calls to these areas may be considered long-distance. A long-distance telephone call usually means additional charges apply.​​

Home Telephone

Bell Canada and Rogers Communications are the two major companies that provide household telephone services in Simcoe County; however, there are other companies in the region. The yellow pages of the telephone book or online at Yellowpages.ca are a good place to look for local telephone service providers. The fees for home telephone services vary, depending on the specific services and rate-plans you choose; it is a good idea to talk to a sales representative about specific details before you sign a service contract.

Cell or Mobile Telephone

There are a number of choices for cell or mobile telephones in Canada. Many cell phone service providers will ask you to sign a contract; however you can choose a pay-as-you go option. It is a good idea to talk to a sales representative about the specific details before you sign a service contract. You can search for wireless service providers in the yellow pages of the telephone book, online at Yellowpages.ca​, or in retail locations such as shopping centres. 

Public Telephones

Public telephones are available for anyone to use. You pay for each telephone call, and you can pay with coins, pre-paid calling cards, or credit cards.  A local telephone call costs $0.50, and the price for a long-distance call depends on the length of the call. Making a 'collect call' means dialing "0" to speak to the operator, and asking the person you are contacting to pay for the call.

Public telephones can often be found at airports, bus and train stations, shopping plazas, some restaurants and stores, and on some street corners.