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Food and Shopping

Food and Shopping

Food can be purchased at grocery stores (or supermarkets), which are conveniently located throughout the communities in Simcoe County. Grocery stores carry a variety of food and other important household items. Some grocery stores carry a variety of international or ethnic foods.Visit the Food in Simcoe website to learn more about food options in Simcoe County.

Visit the Eat Right Ontario website to learn more about healthy food options.

Simcoe County is home to many local farms. Farmers markets are a great place for you to directly purchase locally-grown food. Visit the Simcoe County Farm Fresh website  for more information and a map of locations.


Many communities throughout Simcoe County have shopping districts or areas. These districts are often found in the downtown area or centred in heavily populated areas.   

There are different types of stores in Ontario:

  • Large department stores carry a variety of items, such as clothing, furniture, electronics, cosmetics, and sometimes food.
  • Supermarkets sell mostly food and some cleaning supplies and other necessities.
  • Specialty stores sell particular products or types of products, such as hardware or shoes.
  • Small convenience stores (or corner stores) carry basic necessities, such as milk and bread.

Stores may be part of a chain or franchise, while others are independently owned. Check each store for its hours of service and policies around returning or exchanging items.

Visit the Shopping section of the website for more information.​