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Hire an International Student

Current Labour Market landscape

Demographic changes impact all regions in Canada, including Simcoe County. As Baby Boomers exit the workforce in record numbers and birth rates continue to decline, meeting Canada's future labour force needs will be a challenge. Population growth will rely on immigrants to support Canada's current and future economic success. Future jobs will be dependent on skilled workers and skilled immigrant talent will be an important part of the solution.

International Student Program

Employers can hire students who come to Canada through the International Student Program. Students in this program require special work permits and can be hired during their studies, or after they graduate through the Off-Campus/Post-Graduate Work Permit Program. Retaining skilled and internationally-educated students in Simcoe County will boost the workforce for years to come.  

Georgian College currently has more than 2500 International students each year.

For more information contact Joanne Foxton, International Co-op Consultant, Georgian College, joanne.foxton@georgiancollege.ca. For more information on hiring international students, visit Hire International Students - IRCC website

Advantages of Hiring International Students and Graduates

International students and graduates:

  • Gain work experience during academic studies
  • Have Canadian education credentials
  • Help expand businesses and identify new export opportunities
  • Bring global connections
  • Bring global perspective to enrich a business
  • Communication skills in several languages

(Source: Hiring International Students – Easier than you thought! – International Student Services- McGill University)

How can employers hire International Students/Graduates?

Hiring an international student or a graduate is straight forward and there is limited paperwork involved on the part of the employer.

Off-Campus Employment During Study

International students who are studying full-time at public post-secondary institutions are eligible to work off-cam­pus for up to 20 hours per week during regular semesters. During semester breaks, they can work full-time hours. The international student cannot work off-campus if he/she does not maintain full-time study with their post-sec­ondary institution.

Full-Time Employment Post Graduation

Following graduation, international students become eligible to apply for a Post-Graduate Work Permit. This work permit allows a graduate to work full-time with little restriction on the type of or location of employment. This work permit is valid for up to a maximum of three years (depending on the length of the student's program of study).

Frequently Asked Questions

What if the student's Study Permit (or Work Permit) has expired?

As long as the student applied to renew their Study (or Work) permit before it expired, they are considered to have implied status. As stated on the IRCC website:

If a temporary resident applies for renewal of their work or study permit and their permit expires before a decision is made, R186(u) and R189 (the right to continue working or studying under the same conditions pending a determination of their application for renewal) apply only as long as the person remains in Canada.

Can International Students stay permanently in Canada after graduating?

Yes, some students choose to apply for permanent residency (PR) so they can remain in Canada permanently as immigrants. Most students apply after they complete their studies, or after receiving their post-graduation work permit.

Working as an International Student