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Writing Job Postings

Job postings that attract top talent​

Job Postings

A clear, concise job posting highlighting top skills and requirements will help employers find the best candidate. The following resources are designed to help streamline this process.

Removing Barriers

New immigrants face many barriers and obstacles to finding jobs in Canada. "Canadian work experience" is a common phrase used in many job postings. In most cases, adding this requirement is a violation of the Ontario Human Rights Code, and may be considered systemic or institutional discrimination.

Policy on removing the "Canadian experience" barrier Removing the "Canadian experience" barrier

The above article outlines:

  • Introduction to the policy
  • Best Practices
  • Application of the Ontario Human Rights Code
  • Legitimate Employment Requirements
  • Organizational Responsibility



Best Practices For EmployersBest Practices For Employers<ul><li>Review job requirements and descriptions, recruitment/hiring practices and accreditation criteria to make sure they do not present barriers for newcomer applicants.</li><li><p>Take a flexible and individualized approach to assessing an applicant's qualifications and skills. </p></li><li><p>Frame job qualifications or criteria in terms of competencies and job-related knowledge and skills.</p></li><li><p>Support initiatives designed to empower newcomers inside and outside of their organizations (for example, formal mentoring arrangements, internships, networking opportunities, other types of bridging programs, language training, etc.)</p></li></ul>
Practices To AvoidPractices To Avoid<ul><li>Requiring applicants to have prior work experience in Canada to be eligible for a particular job.</li><li>Assumptions that an applicant will not succeed in a particular job because he or she lacks Canadian experience.</li><li>Discounting an applicant's foreign work experience or assign it less weight than their Canadian work experience.</li><li>Relying on subjective notions of "fit" when considering an applicant's ability to succeed in the workplace. </li><li>Including a requirement for prior Canadian work experience in the job posting or ad, or a requirement for qualifications that could only be obtained by working in Canada.</li><li>Require applicants to disclose their country of origin or the location of their work experience on the job application form.</li><li>Ask applicants questions that may directly or indirectly reveal where their work experience was obtained.</li><li>Ask for local references only.​</li></ul>

(Source:  Excerpt from: Policy on removing the "Canadian experience" barrier - pgs. 4 & 5) is a great website for employers who want to learn more about attracting and hiring top talent. One of the resources on the site assists employers in writing barrier-free job descriptions.

The barrier-free job description:

  • Focuses on what needs to be achieved

  • Lists only education and experience vital to successful job performance

  • Differentiates essential from non-essential qualifications

  • Reads in clear, concise language

  • Highlights interesting aspects of the position, work environment and organization to attract skilled immigrants to the position

Working in Canada

Working in Canada is the Government of Canada's leading website for jobs and labour market information. The Employer Resources section is designed to help employers find, hire, and retain workers. Click here to advertise jobs for free or use the widget below.

 Key resources include:

  • Job Analysis
  • Writing Job Descriptions
  • Job Description Components
  • Screening and Interviewing Job Applicants
  • Evaluating and Testing Job Applicants
  • Employee Referrals
  • Labour Market Information
  • Human Resources Management


Essential Skills Job Profiles

If you need a more thorough analysis of the skills needed for a position, consider using Essential Skills Profiles (ESPs). ESPs describe how workers in various occupations possess specific skills which contribute to success in their respective jobs. Employers are encouraged to use these profiles to develop job postings. Job profiles include:

  • A brief description of the occupation
  • Examples of tasks that illustrate how each essential skill is applied
  • Complexity ratings that indicate the level of difficulty of the example tasks

For more information visit: Explore career listings by Essential Skills

Additional resources:

There are many other free resources that support employers in writing job descriptions and job postings that will attract top talent: