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Diversity Training and E-Learning Resources

​​​Investing in a culturally inclusive workplace

Support in building an inclusive and culturally competent workplace is available, and by integrating a few key strategies, employers can look to:

  • Attract top talent: skilled immigrants will seek out your business because of its inclusive reputation;
  • Enhance morale: when staff feel welcomed, valued and respected, a positive environment is created, which is stable and productive;
  • Improve the bottom line: workplaces should reflect the cultural composition of the communities they serve. Look to increase your business partnerships by hiring employees who reflect diverse clients, customers and associates; and,
  • Boost innovation: Establishing new ideas for business operations can be as simple as incorporating global perspectives and diverse experiences. Diverse opinions contribute to new ideas for business operations, thus, increasing your competitive edge.

Integration Tip – Check Cultural Calendars

Check before booking an important meeting or work event, to ensure it doesn't interfere with an important faith-based or cultural observation. Consider asking team members to list the various celebrations they observe.

Managing Diversity – where to begin:

The following graph highlights the outcomes when a workplace embraces diversity, compared to when it does not. The benefits of having an inclusive and respectful workplace are not only social, but financial as well. A company's reputation and bottom line will likely improve when staff loyalty, productivity, and retention levels are high.

Arrow graph pic 

(Source: LMIEC Global Talent Guide for Employers pg. 21)

 Tips to get started:

1.     Follow the ROADMAP

2.     Develop and enforce workplace practices that ensure employees are treated fairly and equitably

3.     Enforce a zero tolerance policy when it comes to harassment or inappropriate behavior. Clearly outline what is considered "inappropriate." For more information, read:

4.     Develop formal policies and procedures that put diversity strategies and practices in writing

5.     Celebrate diversity in the workplace

    • Host regular potluck lunches
    • Corporately embrace new celebrations and traditions
    • Host a family-friendly event

6.     Offer cultural competency training to ALL staff

    • Employers can provide opportunities for staff to develop cultural awareness on the job. This can be achieved by hiring an external trainer/consultant, or by reviewing some of the additional resources listed below. For more support, check out the After You Hire - Retain and Integrate: Employer Guides​ page.

 Essential Online Resources:

Diversity in the Workplace

Features comprehensive tips, strategies, articles and other resources to create a diverse workplace. It also has the option to purchase custom "Diversity Calendars" for the workplace. includes a Manage Diversity section containing helpful videos, webinars, success stories, articles, and other resources including:

    • Talent Management: How to create processes to ensure all employees, including skilled immigrants, are engaged and contributing to their full potential
    • Diversity, Equity, and Accommodation: How to maximize the different perspectives and skills of diverse employees

Content-specific information related to business role, size, or sector in the Find Your Way section

Human Resources Professionals Association -

Cultural Competency Training Program

Funded by the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration and delivered by HRPA, the certificate in Cultural Competency Training Program helps organizations become more culturally-inclusive and provides strategies to effectively hire, on-board, train and retain culturally-diverse candidates/newcomers to Canada.

The program offers:

  • one day certificate in Cultural Competence
  • one homework assignment
  • three months follow-up
  • Access to helpful resources, including exclusive LinkedIn group
  • Certificate in Cultural Competency Training
  • 7 CPD hours for CHRP participants

For more information: Cultural Competency Training Program

Video for Employers:

Click on the arrow below for a short video: Managing a Diverse Workforce

How to Manage a Diverse Workforce

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To find out more about adopting practices to transform your workplace, read Cultural Competence and Diversity Management from ​

Simcoe County Newcomer Recognition Awards

The Newcomer Recognition Awards celebrate Simcoe County residents, businesses, and organizations who are working to improve the lives of immigrants. The event is held annually in the fall and nominations are accepted in eight categories. The following awards acknowledge the efforts of local employers:

  • Culturally Diverse Workforce:  A business or organization that is developing a culturally-diverse workforce through strategic recruitment of immigrants.
  • Welcoming Work Environment:  A business or organization that has taken steps to provide a welcoming work environment for immigrant employees.
  • Marketing and Outreach:  A business or organization demonstrating strategies or implementing initiatives that successfully market to immigrants.

For more information: Simcoe County Immigration Website​