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2021-NP-04Housing Seniors
2021-NP-03Housing Preferences
2021-NP-02Refusal by an Applicant Household
2021-NP-01Rules of the CWL
2020-NP-02Decisions and Notices
2020-NP-01Minimum R​ent Change
2019-NP-01Refusal to offer a unit by Housing Provider
2018-NP-01Records Management
2017-NP-01Annual Information Return Policy
AIR (Annual Information Return) – effective December 2012
​2011 AIR Directive
2009 AIR Directive
2008 AIR Directive
2007 AIR Directive​​
First Year AIR Template & Guide
2016-NP-10​Risk Management Policy and Procedures
2016-NP-08Internal Review Process
2016-NP-07Capital Loan Re​pairs
2015-NP-07Housing Provider Plans
2015-NP-06RGI $10 Change
2015-NP-05​Property Management Procurement
2014-NP-05Vacancy Loss
2014-NP-04Absence from the Unit
2014-NP-03Income Averaging
2014-NP-02Cost and Revenue Indices
2024 Subsidy E​stimate Template 
2023 Subsidy Estimate Template​​
2022 Subsidy Estimate Template
2021 Subsidy Estimate Template
2020 Subsidy Estimate Template       ​​  
2019 Subsidy Estimate Template
2018 Subsidy Estimate Template
2017 Subsidy Estimate Template
2016 Subsidy Estimate Template
2015 Subsidy Estimate Template
2014 Subsidy Estimate Template
​- 2013 Indices for Mixed Non-Profit Projects
​- 2012 Indices for Mixed Non-Profit Projects
2011 Indices – Revised
2010 Indices for Mixed Non-Profit Projects
2009 Indices for Mixed Non-Profit Projects
2008 Indices for Mixed Non-Profit Projects
2014-NP-01Imputed Rate of Return

The Social Housing Department also oversees Social Housing Systems Management, which includes:

  • Funding, administering and ensuring compliance of housing programs
  • Across the County, there are approximately  4,100 social housing units, including approximately 2,800 rent-geared-to-income units.
  • Provision of subsidies to 24 housing providers for 2,517 non-profit units, 60% rent-geared-to-income and 40% market rent.

The County of Simcoe manages program and subsidy administration for local non-profit, co-operative, and urban native housing programs to ensure compliance with the Housing Services Act.

As such, we provide support and legislative direction through PoliciesDirectives, and Information Bulletins.  

The Social Housing Department also participates in a number of non-mandated initiatives that improve the range of affordable housing options/programs available to our residents.