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Translation and Credential Evaluation Services

Getting Documents Translated

If your academic documents are not in English, you may be required to translate them in order to apply for school or work in a regulated profession. There is often a fee required to translate your documents.  Before you pay for translation services, be sure to research what is required. You will want to know what documents the institution needs from you and what type of translation is accepted. Learning this beforehand can save you both time and money.

Some institutions require you to use a certified translator. In Ontario, certified translators must pass the standardized national certification examination that is administered by the Canadian Translators and Interpreters Council (CTIC) and be a member of the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario (ATIO).

For information on the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario (ATIO), visit their website: www.atio.on.ca

Other places may require your translated documents be notarized. This mean a notary public, lawyer or commissioner of oaths has validated the information. There is often a fee for this type of service.

 The information listed below was provided by 211 Community Connection.

Commissioner of Oaths

Bradford Immigrant and Community Services (BICS)


11 Holland St E.
Bradford, Ontario, Canada
L3Z 2B8


Credential Evaluation Services

Credential assessment services review academic and professional credentials completed in a different country to see how they compare to the Canadian equivalent. There is usually a fee associated with these services. Before you use one of these services for academic or professional purposes, be sure to fully understand the requirements outlined by the institution you wish to attend or become licensed with.  Some academic institutions and professional associations will complete the evaluation at no cost to you.

Visit the Ontario Immigration website to learn more and find a list of credential assessment services: www.ontarioimmigration.ca