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Taxes-Working in Canada

What are taxes?

Taxes are collected from individual Canadians and businesses by the government to help pay for roads, schools, health care, and other important government programs and services.  Taxes are collected in different ways.

Income Tax: In Canada, a portion of each employee's income is considered taxable. Most employees choose to have this amount deducted directly off their paycheque, while others choose to calculate what they owe when they file their annual taxes and pay the difference at that time. The amount each person is required to pay varies based on their total annual earnings, minus any deductions and credits. For more information about income tax, visit the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) website.

InMyLanguage.ca has more information about how to file your income tax return available in multiple languages.

Businesses in Ontario

Businesses in Ontario are also required to pay taxes, depending on the type of business being operated. For more information about filing taxes and other tax information for business in Ontario, visit the Service Ontario ONe-Source for Business website.

Here is a list of resources for more information about the tax system in Ontario

Click here to learn more about sales tax and property tax.