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Practices To Avoid

  • Requiring applicants to have prior work experience in Canada to be eligible for a particular job.
  • Assumptions that an applicant will not succeed in a particular job because he or she lacks Canadian experience.
  • Discounting an applicant's foreign work experience or assign it less weight than their Canadian work experience.
  • Relying on subjective notions of "fit" when considering an applicant's ability to succeed in the workplace. 
  • Including a requirement for prior Canadian work experience in the job posting or ad, or a requirement for qualifications that could only be obtained by working in Canada.
  • Require applicants to disclose their country of origin or the location of their work experience on the job application form.
  • Ask applicants questions that may directly or indirectly reveal where their work experience was obtained.
  • Ask for local references only.​

(Source:  Excerpt from: Policy on removing the "Canadian experience" barrier - pgs. 4 & 5) 

hireimmigrants.ca is a great website for employers who want to learn more about attracting and hiring top talent. One of the resources on the site assists employers in writing barrier-free job descriptions

The barrier-free job description:

  • Focuses on what needs to be achieved
  • Lists only education and experience vital to successful job performance
  • Differentiates essential from non-essential qualifications
  • Reads in clear, concise language
  • Highlights interesting aspects of the position, work environment and organization to attract skilled immigrants to the position