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Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM)

We get results for member municipalities because we listen, unite and influence.



We are cities and communities from every corner of Canada, and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) is our chosen national voice. Through FCM, we listen to each other, to our partners and to decision-makers in the Government of Canada. Listening allows us to understand what is happening in big cities and small towns, what are the priorities of the federal government and how we can work effectively with our partners.

Most importantly, listening gives us the power to build constructive relationships that benefit all parties involved.


Coming together as one is how we, as Canadian municipalities, achieve our goals and deliver services that provide the best possible quality of life to our citizens. Through FCM's Annual Conference, Board meetings, committees, policy forums and programs, we work side-by-side to identify our challenges, analyze options and develop effective ways to overcome the issues we face.

The result: we forge a strong bond and speak with one united voice on issues that affect communities large and small.


Influencing policy and programs that fall within federal jurisdiction is vital to helping us build strong, sustainable communities across the country and share our expertise around the world. From roads and housing to policing and green innovation, municipalities contribute greatly to the quality of life in Canada and abroad – yet, our role is not fully understood. Through FCM, we are changing this.

FCM tells the story of the millions of lives we impact every day. Speaking as one, we talk persuasively, we talk credibly and we strive to ensure federal decision-making reflects the needs of our constituents.

Removing the Barriers to Young Women's Participation in Local Government

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) is proud to present this guidebook.  The purpose of the guidebook is twofold.  First, it describes the lessons and experiences of six municipal working groups from all regions of Canada that took part in FCM's Head Start Program.  Second, it presents a practical approach that may be used to create additional Head Start groups that support young women's participation in local government.