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Changing Careers: Related Jobs

When looking for employment in Canada it is important to be flexible and open to different opportunities. If you are finding yourself in that position, you may want to research professions that are expected to expand.  You will want to consider how past experiences and education contribute to a new field. An alternative job is a position in the same or a related field to your original occupation and education; for example, if you were an architect in your own country, you may consider training as a building inspector. Or, if you were a physician, you may be interested in training for a career in occupational health and safety. In some cases, you may only need to complete some retraining or upgrade specific courses rather than complete a different degree or diploma.

By working in a similar field to the one you trained for in your country of origin, you can:

  • Use your knowledge and skills
  • Learn terminology
  • Get valuable Canadian work experience
  • Develop professional networks

You may decide to work in an alternative job while you work toward getting licensed in your former occupation or as a new career choice. If this is your plan, you should read and compare key information about each job, including:

  • On-the-job duties
  • The education and experience employers expect
  • Labour market information
  • Required skills and English/French language abilities

Examples of Alternative Jobs (from

Social Worker

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