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Evaluate Credentials

“Credentials” refers to qualifications and documents that prove your achievements. Credentials can refer to both academic and professional accomplishments.

“Academic credentials” includes education qualifications such as high school diplomas, college diplomas, university degrees and certificates you have completed or partially completed. "Professional credentials" refers to occupational qualifications, such as professional certificates or work experience.

If you earned your academic credentials outside of Canada, they are often referred to as "international credentials" or "foreign credentials.” To be licensed with a professional association or to study in Canada, you may need to have credentials you completed outside of Canada evaluated.

There are local services to help you understand the credential recognition process.

The information listed below was provided by 211 Community Connection.

Understanding Credential Recognition ​ ​
Welcome Centre for Immigrant Services: Mobile Unit Accreditation Qualification and Information Services​

Telephone: 1-877-761-1155



Licensing with Professional Associations

One of the requirements of professional associations for licensure is an evaluation of international credentials. This evaluation may be referred to as an "accreditation."  The process, cost, lengths of time, and required documentation to complete an accreditation varies. Some professional associations have internal evaluation services, and others outsource their evaluation requirements to external evaluation services. If you want to get a license in a regulated profession, contact the professional association directly and ask about their evaluation requirements. You will want to contact the professional association before you get an external evaluation. This will help ensure you do exactly what is required by the association to join.

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